Tantrix Body Art - Tattoos and Piercings
Some important Policies to know prior to booking a tattoo or piercing appt. The discretion is up to the customer when booking to review our website to ensure the understand policies, exceptions will not be made
1. Our tattoo rates are $160 an hour and our min charge is $100
2. Deposits: Deposits are required to book any tattoo appointment, if you do not leave a deposit you do not have an appointment. Deposit amounts vary on size and time but are generally half of the required time slot booked. Our minimum deposit is $100 and can be paid in person, or by credit card over the phone or email transfer if you live out of town.

VERY IMPORTANT: Deposits are absolutely non-refundable ever!!! I think I could write a very interesting book on all the excuses and stories that I have heard over the years on why someone should get their deposit back and some are truly believable and I admit on occasion I have bent the rule a bit BUT you are forewarned and an adult, we take this very seriously and do this for a living, we are not at fault if you chicken out, are late, forget your appointment, change your mind, not follow our policies, lie about your age, come in and book then tell your parents after the fact, what have you, I am sorry but this is a complete waste of the artists valuable time and they get paid by the hour and you taking up that time is time wasted so they keep the deposit.

3. Artwork: we are a custom shop, most of what we do here is custom but have done flash and other tattoo type designs with our touch to it. We do have to pre-approve all artwork that is to be drawn and tattooed and if we feel it will not make a very nice tattoo we will not do it, so please understand if we say no thank you. Money is not our driving factor we just want our work to be incredible.

4. You can not change your mind on your design, once you come in and book a tattoo for a certain design you can not change it to some other tattoo piece, there is several reasons for this including the number 3. above and the time booked since it could vary.

5. TOUCHUPS - very rarely do we ever have to do them but we ask that you come back within three months of your initial appointment and we will take a look to ensure that its nice and smooth. At that time we will book you in for your touchup, this is the only way we will book a touchup, you can not call and just say you need a touchup you have to come in, our time is important and we have to ensure that yes you really do need one and how much time is needed. If you do not do this step you will not get a free touchup, so no excuses come and visit us. Out of town customers can email us a picture to tantrix@sasktel.net

6. Deposits are only good for 90 days if you cancel your appointment and do not rebook, please let us know if you are moving and we will make a note on your deposit for future use. We can place your deposit on a gift card so that it will not expire provided you cancel your appt by following policy

7. Kids are cute and we love them, but they can't come to your tattoo appointment, it is very dangerous for everyone and we can not risk cross contamination, so please find a caregiver. As well Kids under the age of 12 years are not allowed at the studio, it is very boring, very disruptive and not fair to the child or the artists. Please remember that this is an adult setting and we ask you respect that.

8. Speaking of children, we don't tattoo them ever! A child needs to be a child until they are 16 years of age. Any one under 18 has to have parental consent and MUST do a consult with the artist. It is at the artist discretion wether or not the tattoo is appropriate and can refuse the tattoo at any time. If you are under 16 we will not tattoo anywhere visible (wrists, forearms, neck, ect).

9. Please do not get tattooed if you are ill, please call and we will rebook your appointment, we do require a 72 hour cancellation policy if you have any other reason you can not make it, but illness is illness please call us that morning and leave a message.

10. If you come in for your appointment smelling of alcohol or you have taken any kind of drug including smoking weed, you will lose your deposit and your appointment.

11. Make sure you eat before you come in for a piercing or tattoo otherwise you will faint!

12. We will not tattoo names of significant others ever, but we do a good job of covering them up, and trust us we do a lot of that.

13. If you do have to cancel your appointment you are only allowed to reschedule once, we get the chicken outter's and they will keep doing this all year so we had to apply this rule.

14. If you live out of town and your highway is bad, DO NOT COME IN, not worth it, lets just reschedule your appointment.

15. deposits are non-transferable unless we give approval

16. gift cards are non-reversable

17. You must be 18 to sign for yourself for both piercing and tattooing (some piercings such as nose and belly button is 16 years of age)

18. Booking times, so many times I hear wow its too long of a wait to get in, well that should be telling you something - it means your tattoo will not suck!

19. ID - when we are required to ask for ID we need Government issued ID - the parent needs to show either a drivers licence, health card, passport as well as the child, the last names must match, if they do not please bring in something that shows the child lives at that address. No exceptions to this rule, and not sending pictures of id, must be in person.

20. We do not tattoo fingers