Tantrix Body Art - Tattoos and Piercings
Dermal Male belly piercing Forward helix DermalDermals Top dermal Teal tunnels Forward helix Industrial Double lipAshleymatching up Nostril piercingSeptumLeroi seamless gold hoop with opalthread less lobe piercing after reconstructionIndustrial 2017Rose gold Body Gem DaithConch 2016Neo metal opal upper ear threadless jewellerysecond holes thread less jewelleryDaith healed with CBR and flowerdaith 2016Vertical lip healed with opalopal Ear piercing 2016Septum 2016daith 2016Vertical LipSeptumSurface piercing Double lower bellyConchupper earTriple upper earSmilieForward helixDaithUpper EarBellyChilds Ear piercingSeptumNoseIndustrial and TragusTongue webVertical Lip 
Healed Double ConchForward helix
Leanne Thompson-Hill
I have over 20 years experience and have extensive knowledge in the industry. I enjoy projects that are a challenge and I am open to new ideas for fun piercings. I have a medical back ground and very good at helping with issues that arise.